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That Ass is Back

That Butt is Back

That A-hole is Back

We’ve seen Tiffany a dunky in number times previous to on the site, but we don’t think you are going to be upset at seeing this precocious blond afresh.

To catch u up, here’s how Tiffany describes herself: “I used to be a cheerleader and run cross-country in high-school. I love a admirable workout. There’s no thing more amazing than feeling your muscles strain and receive tight, then having all of that tension release through a wonderful stretch.”

That stretching predilection is a good thing cuz Tiffany is too addicted to anal, as you can watch in these photos.

Do yourself a favour and investigate Tiffany’s other content on the web site. She got her butthole plowed by another gent and even piddled her white briefs!

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Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

“Jiggling keeps me warm in the winter!” cheerful Canadian Smiley Emma told us. “I stay inside when it’s cold out and listen to music, which, one more time, coz of where I am from, there aren’t also many good radio stations, so I must listen to my own personal music. I’m a bit of a nerd, so whether it is on the PC, Xbox, even on my iPhone or iPad, I’m usually playing a game. That keeps me occupied in the winter. I’m a kid at heart, so I love to relish. No stuffy, boring ram for me. Tons of clip games, PC games and flashing and jiggling my tits, also.”

Tit-fucking is one sport for each season.

“First of all, those knockers are so large, u do need a fair-sized dick or else you’ll get lost in the breast valley. I like to jerk off it and tanalise the head…rubbing it on my nipps and stroking it. I’ve indeed got a couple of different ways that I can tit-fuck a cock. I love to start by fondelling the wang against my nipples and smacking it against my mounds a little. Then I’ll get it admirable and stiff with my face hole. I love to tease the head of the 10-Pounder. Then I’ll jack off the balls while I’m sucking it, just to receive u valuable and unyielding.

“Then I like to take baby oil and rub it all over. I use oil coz you wish your pecker to slide in there nicely so it doesn’t get stuck or anything. Then, when my pointer sisters are all oiled up, your wang will just slip in precious and easy. I’ll jerk off it to make sure it’s valuable and rigid. And even if the shlong is really large, it’ll still be almost gone when it’s betwixt my scoops. Then I like to toss off it up and down with my titties. I acquire to say that playing with wang is one of my favorite things to do. And ‘cuz those scoops are so bigger in size than average, I can too hang ’em over your dick and tit-fuck your knob that way. And I love being talented to tanalize the head during the time that I’m tit-fucking. I like being skilled to do both at the same time. And u can even tit-fuck me below my knockers, but it is just not as much joy as the other ways.”

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Today, Andi is all yours

Today, Andi is all yours

Today, Andi is all yours

Andi James, a 52-year-old divorcee and Mama, received plenty of acclaim when this babe made her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera initial appearance this past December. Were we surprised? Are u kidding? Just view her! We knew you’d love her.

And now, she’s back. Call this Andi James Week at Today, photos and a clip of this nice-looking redhead showing off her greater than run of the mill wobblers and playing with her hirsute love tunnel plus an entertaining and in-depth movie scene interview. Thursday, photos and movie of Andi banging a large, dark jock. Yes, these are very valuable times to be a 50Plus MILFS Stud.

Andi is 5’7″, 148 pounds. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, moved to the midwestern United States and now lives in Central Florida. This babe is been divorced for 13 years, she loves to view porn, she’s a swinger and this babe said us, “”I consider myself wild in the sense that I have done more exploring than my friends have done but maybe not as wild as other people.”

Well, Andi, almost any women have not shown their stuff on an international porn web site.

Her friends do not know she’s here.

“Absolutely not. I do not think they’d be open to it. I don’t talk about my sexuality all that much with my allies. It is more intimate. It’s almost like a dual life in a sense. A private life. I keep my erotic experiences to myself.”

And now this babe is letting us in on her little secrets.

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The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita's holes

Rita Daniels, our most-fucked MILF/GILF ever, can at not time receive sufficient pecker. This babe is a monster titted, 66-year-old granny who has now enjoyed two DPs at, enjoyed them so much that she decided to make the third time happen.

So she calls the plumbers to fix a rammed pipe in her kitchen, but as far as they can tell, everything’s working priceless.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I do not see the problem,” Peter says, but when this dude looks up, this chab is stunned to see Rita sitting on the counter with her legs widen and her cunt and anus rammed with toys.

“I don’t need an unstuffing,” she says. “I need a double stuffing from your big cocks.”

Peter and Tony had heard about Ms. Daniels from the other service workers in the neighborhood. They heard about how many times the cable lad has screwed her tight arsehole, and a pair of movers have their own tale to tell. Now it is their turn.

Rita leads the plumbers to the living room ottoman, where it is more comfortable, and when the toys come out, the dongs go in. Rita’s great at mouthing balls–it’s one of the first things she did when she discharged her 1st scenes for us in 2010–and she is talented at riding one weenie whilst engulfing another. But now that babe is wondering about the plumbers’ prowess.

“You males ready for a little DP?” that babe asks.

Rita had been DP’d only once previous to she did her first Dual Penetration. Now she’s done 2 more DP scenes, including an interracial. Told Rita, “When I am getting screwed in the wazoo and there’s a weenie in my pussy, it pushes the ding-dong that is in my gazoo right up into my G-spot, and it is completely epic. I feel adore I’m going to come into trance mode. It’s so astonishing to receive one as well as the other holes screwed.”

By the way, Peter is 23 and Tony is 36, so the combined age of the guys is far less than Rita’s. Basically, one of the lads who’s DPing her is youthful sufficient to be her grandson and the other is youthful enough to be her son, and that just turns up the lustful factor for this very sexually excited dominatrix-bitch who can not at any time get enough.

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Camera Whore

Camera Whore

Camera Whore

“I was getting dressed at my guy’s place after a quickie when this chab strided into the room behind me and said, ‘See what I’ve got,'” told Megan. “I turned around and this chab took a photo. This dude shouldn’t have done that ‘coz I love being photographed. I kept stripping, and by the time I was spreading, he was nude one more time and stroking his knob. We were just plan to keep the photos to ourselves, but my lad was talking about ’em with a ally, and the charmer turned him on to NN. It’s consummate for a digital camera bimbo adore me.”

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Grisha’s hotness needs no translation

Grisha's hotness needs no translation

And now it is time for the Grisha Petrov screw expose. Grisha, a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Colombia, sucks and screws a 30-year-old’s pecker in her 1st XXX episode. It is astounding because Grisha is pretty with her captivating face, smokin’ body, large love muffins and sex skills. That babe receives unfathomable on the shlong and lovingly licks the dude’s balls. This babe sucks her snatch juices off the schlong that just came with out her slit. She rides rock hard and cums rock hard. The ladies man cums in her face hole and that babe makes sure this babe receives each drop.

Here, Grisha is Taylor’s teacher, but this chab cant focus on the lesson coz Grisha is wearing a constricted top that is barely buttoned and isn’t wearing a undergarment, so her areolas poke through. Grisha is trying to educate him Spanish, but all he’s interested in learning is how priceless and squashy Grisha’s fullsome funbags feel and how taut her love tunnel is. Very constricted, this chab said us.

Bonus aspect of this scene: We have to hear Grisha talk dirty in Spanish.

Grisha can’t live out of to observe porn with her hubby. We’re sure they’ll check out this scene together, and we can’t wait to detect out how it goes. She can’t live without to wear constricted tops with no bra, and that’s what she’s doing here.

We identified Grisha after she created a profile on That babe said us, “I’ve done anything I’ve wanted to do. I’ve studied and received a Masters degree. I worked in retail stores for 18 years. I am pleased with my life. I’d adore to keep doing my hobbies and keep working toward my new fantasy.”

Which is to become a celebrated adult star. She can definitely do that.

“I adore to masturbate,” this babe said. “I write my boyfriend sexy texts when that gent is at work. I will send him pix of myself, and by the time that guy arrives home, we are both very hawt and ready for each other.”

U know that aged song, “If u wanna be cheerful for the rest of your life, at no time make a marvelous woman your wife”? It’s totally not correct. Make a woman love Grisha your wife.

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Slick & Shiny

Slick & Shiny

Slick & Shiny

Anna Loren was encouraged by her sister to apply to SCORE. No boys ever brought up posing of the undressed kind.

“If u wanna see my scoops, eventually you might be able to, but when u walk up to a woman and that is your line, u really receive to try a little harder,” Anna said. “I mean, I know I’ve bigger than standard bumpers. U receive to have something else to talk to me about.”

Sexually, Anna is more submissive than assertive.

“I love to be said what to do. A chap can have me do all the work in ottoman if this man tells me what to do. I savour being told what to do. And this lady-killer can tell me to do anything. I am truly into gazoo slam, but I’m not gonna ask for it. But if the boy says, ‘I’m plan to bonk you in the gazoo now,’ I’m completely into it.

“I think some boys are confused or insecure or not willing to try new things. They’re not used to a hotty who will do anything they crave. I think I’m a bit old-fashioned in that way. I suppose in the 1940s and ’50s, it was more common for fellows to call the shots in bed.”

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Andi James cums and makes fantasies come true

Andi James cums and makes dreams come true

Andi James, a 52-year-old redhead with large zeppelins, returns to When this scene opens, she’s wearing sexy, sheer lingerie that flaunts off her bigger in size than typical love bubbles and unbending nipples. That babe pulls aside the crotch portion of the little number that babe has on so this babe can must her pussy. Then she tells us about her dream. She wishes a boy in his 20’s, her son’s age.

“Maybe he’d love to receive a piece of this,” Andi says and this babe spreads her legs and fingers her shaggy grab. As Andi receives hotter and the sex talk heats up, that babe takes off her lingerie so this babe is absolutely naked and proudly shows off her hawt body, including her lovely little arse.

Why a solo scene? So you can fully appreciate Andi. But don’t worry: More hardcore is coming in just a scarcely any days.

Andi noted her 52nd birthday the day in advance of this scene was discharged. This babe screwed on-camera for the first time.

“I’m gonna do it some other time, and I cant wait,” that babe said.

Andi, who’s divorced, says this babe had by no means thought about doing porn “because of my age. It absolutely surprises me. I thought the audiences wanna watch younger babes.”

Nope. We wanna watch Andi.

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Scarlett’s Flirting

Scarlett’s Flirting

Scarlett's Flirting

When u look at Scarlett, you might acquire the impression that ‘coz of her tats and her tit flashing that she’s easy. Well, you’d be mistaken. “I’m not a super freak,” she told us. “I have a average, healthy sex life. Having my hubby take those photos is the wildest thing I’ve ever done.

“My boy and I’ve a great time hanging out. Whenever one of us tells the other person that they’re beginning to acquire bored, the other one will commence teasing. When my lad tanalizes me, he’ll receive himself rock hard in his trousers and then conspicuously position his crotch near my face. Like, he’ll clutch smth off of the bookshelf behind my head. When I tanalize him, I’ll slip off my panties and then flash him my love tunnel secretly until he takes notice. One time the other person realizes what’s going on, we end up banging. It’s a cute game, and I guess we’re delicious jointly.”

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Oiled Swimsuit Babe

Oiled Bathing dress Enchanting heart

Oiled Swimsuit Babe

It is pool time with Mahogany Masters, so bring your duck float and swimmin’ trunks. Mahogany’s got a new pink swim costume to expose off, and by a miracle of textile engineering, the top doesn’t rip from the weight of her now-famous boobs.

What’s a pool party with a swim suit honey without a bottle of greasy oil? Mahogany is a generous greasy oil consumer, and that babe needs to be to totally douse her massive hangers and luscious buns once she tosses her swimsuit to the wind. “As you can watch, I savour tons of breast play and I love clitoral stimulation,” Mahogany said.

“I do not need to emphasize my bumpers with clothing but I definitely don’t hide them. I’ve a 42K bust that’s a little difficult to hide, no matter what.”

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A bigger in size than average, dark jock for Mommy Andi James

A bigger than standard, darksome schlong for Mamma Andi James

When we asked 52-year-old divorcee and Mother Andi James how often that babe has sex, that babe said, “Not often enough.” Obviously, that’s mostly her choice ‘coz a femdom-goddess who appears adore Andi can have sex whenever that babe wants with whomever she craves. But although she’s a swinger, Andi is not an easy lay.

But, she said, “I’m open to new experiences.”

Shooting her first fuck scenes at is one of those new experiences. Sucking and banging 28-year-old Jax’s larger than standard, darksome weenie on-camera is another.

We asked her if she likes to be viewed during the time that having sex, and this babe told, “I truly haven’t pro that before,” although this babe has had sex in swingers strip clubs with people all around, so we assume they were watching when they weren’t rogering.

Judging by the reactions to Andi’s 1st bonk scene at, tons of people enjoy watching her. Here, that babe not merely sucks Jax’s pecker. That babe sucks his balls, too. She acquires her hirsute but well-trimmed snatch screwed each which way. Jax cums on her juggs. They’re DD-cups. Very fine. Very well-glazed. Valuable job, Jax. You are the superlatively fine, Andi.

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